Unilever Buys Two Famous Cruelty-Free Brands. Will They Remain Cruelty-Free?

img_2535Vegans know the drill: When purchasing any product, you carefully investigate the label looking for those trusty words, “Not Tested On Animals.” You learn the brands that are cruelty-free and become loyal customers resting assured that your purchases are aligned with your values. But what happens when a huge conglomerate buys those beloved brands?

Unilever — who owns, among many other brands, the very far-from-cruelty-free Dove and Hellman’s brands — will soon purchase two vegan favorites: the Honest Company and Seventh Generation.

Both brands were started with a commitment to make more natural, environmentally friendly and conscious products. As part of that mission, both brands are cruelty-free and do not test any ingredients on animals. Could a change in ownership guarantee those values remain the same?

Via:  Care 2 Causes

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