More Than 100,000 People Stood Up For This Dog

img_2537Diggy, an adorable American bulldog, had spent nearly 100 days at the Detroit Dog Rescue before he found a home.

When Diggy was adopted by musician Dan Tillery, the two captured their happiness with a selfie and posted it to Facebook. The photo, showing matching joyous grins, immediately went viral, and was shared and liked by thousands on the internet. Diggy’s story even made its way to Good Morning America and People magazine.

But not everyone was thrilled about the photo.

When the police in Tillery’s township saw the selfie, they mistakenly assumed the dog was a pit bull and informed Dan that he had violated the local ban on pit bulls. Diggy would have to go back to the Detroit Dog Rescue, they were told.

Rescue groups provided paperwork proving that Diggy was in fact an American bulldog, not a pit bull. But the Waterford Township police insisted that Diggy looked like a pit bull.

They gave Tillery three days to remove his new best friend from his home.

When Care2 member Tara Vitale saw the Facebook photo and heard about Diggy’s situation, she was furious and decided to create a petition demanding that Diggy be allowed to stay in his new home.

Via:  Care 2


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